Premium Membership Options

Welcome to the premium membership options and info for Mantralux! As a premium member, you’ll have unlimited access to exclusive and custom downloadable content for the Football Manager series, and as long as you’re a premium member you’ll receive new content as it becomes available. You’ll also receive updated versions for content already released, and you’ll be able to request limited content as well.

1-Day pass (£2.99)

If you’re just looking for a specific download (e.g the Premier League 3D in-game kits) and don’t really care about continuous updates or other premium content, you can sign up for an unlimited 24 hour access, allowing you to grab anything you can get a hold of for a limited period.

Season Pass (£3.99)

If you’d rather stay with me to receive exclusive content as it becomes available, join the discussion, get updates and be able to make graphics requests (if time permits), you can get a season pass, which will last you up until the next Football Manager version.

Here’s a small sample of upcoming content that will only be available for premium members:

  • Official Premier League In-Game 3D Kits (18 Oct)
  • Real-Life Premier League Fixtures (20 Oct)
  • Logos And Kits Superpack (TBA)
  • Offline (PDF) Mantralux Articles (TBA)
  • Custom Databases (TBA)

…and so on. There is much more planned, and it will be frequently released in the premium content area.

Why the switch to premium membership?

There are a couple of reasons for going into a premium format here at Mantralux, and both are unfortunately money-related. Firstly, while the site is going really well in terms of visitor counts (which is wonderful) it costs a lot running a site like this. So that’s number one – server costs.

Secondly, I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into creating content for every Football Manager version, and I’ve done that willingly without a single moan. But it’s just not economically viable to continue doing it, as it takes away from my “real” work. Just the Premier League in-game 3D kits took me 60+ hours to complete – if I’d put those hours into paid work, I’d be a thousanaire! ;)

So unfortunately the problem is a classic one: money. But I’m not trying to make money, I just want to cover my costs. And if I can cover my costs, I’ll be able to continue with Mantralux for years to come. By becoming a premium member, you are donating to the future of the site.

1-day access £2.99

This will grant you 24 hours of unlimited access to the premium content section of You can pay through your PayPal account, or if you don’t have one, you can use any of the major credit cards. Choose this if you just want quick access.

Season Pass £3.99

This will give you a season pass of unlimited access to the premium content section of You can pay through your PayPal account, or if you don’t have one, you can use any of the major credit cards. This pass ends on 01 Oct 2012.

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    ive done this now how do i get my login details??

  • Ix Techau

    I sent you an email about this, if you haven’t received it let me know.

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    I’ve bought the season pass, but how do i get my login details?

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    How do i get my login details

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    If you’ve signed up and not received your login details yet, email me your info (PayPal email address) and I’ll create an account for you ASAP. =)

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    How do i get my login details